Recognizing that divorce can be a difficult experience, McLaren & Lee places great emphasis on dignity, integrity, and a sensitive respect for individuals enmeshed in the emotional and financial issues of family disputes. We encourage civility and maintain professionalism at all times. We practice discretion and are committed to preserving client confidentiality and privacy.

In order to be the most effective advisors and advocates possible, our attorneys give personal attention to each client, listen carefully, and are attentive to their needs and requests. We apply the most creative legal strategies to resolve complex issues. We strive to provide efficient and innovative solutions. We work diligently for amicable, non-litigated solutions involving the least disruption to clients and their families. We are practiced in the art of skillful communication. In every instance, we pay close attention to details while remaining focused on our clients’ goals.

We act decisively to protect clients’ interests.